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HRS Newsletter

9/6/18The HRS VXR Audio Stand is Officially a Patented Design Newsletter

Click to read how thrilled we are that the VXR is officially a patented design and why it was designed with our amazing customers in mind!


8/17/18 Formal Production Release Notice: E1 Isolation Base Newsletter

Click to read about the release of HRS’ newest isolation base the E1 Isolation Base!


8/7/18 Custom VXR Amp Stand for the new D’Agostino Relentless Amplifier Newsletter

Click to read about the 600 lb load test HRS conducted while designing this custom VXR Amp Stand!

8/24/17 HRS VORTEX Newsletter

Click to read about why the Vortex was designed and what they can do for your system!

7/27/17  First Custom Color Anodized VXR Newsletter!

Click to check out the very first custom color anodized VXR Audio Stand to ship!

11/23/17 HRS S3 Newsletter

Click to read all about our new S3 Isolation Base!–.html?soid=1126117009322&aid=ccsZUH4Qiu4

11/15/16 The First VXR Has Shipped Newsletter

Click to read about how excited we are that our first VXR Audio Stand has shipped!



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