HRS audio stands offer very high performance, infinitely modular engineering architecture made from precision machined hardware. Hand-finished by our experienced craftsmen. This unique HRS design will adapt to any desired audio system configuration you will ever need.

Audio Stand Models

Black EXRH-9.515-3V Cutaway Isometric

EXRH Headphone Stand System

The Patented EXRH provides exceptional broadband noise reduction for headphone systems and other small-format electronic components.

EXR Audio Stand System

The Patented EXR Audio Stand System is the most cost-effective, high-performance stand system developed by HRS.

EXRD Audio Stand

This Patented EXRD is designed with the same technology as our cost-effective, high-performance EXR Audio Stand System line.

SXR Audio Stand

Our SXR provides higher performance than our EXR and is complete with unmatched flexibility, resulting in an industry leading, infinitely modular hi-fi rack system.

SXR Signature Audio Stand

The highest performance stand of the SXR line, our SXR Signature is near reference level performance without the expense of exotic finishes.

VXR Audio Stand

Our reference level stand flawlessly designed to deliver superior performance, infinite modularity and can be easily reconfigured for a perfect fit with any update to your audio system.

SXRC Audio Stand

An innovative custom version of the SXR Series Frame beautifully designed to specifically support even the largest amplifiers in the world.