A Low Noise Floor is Fundamental

For the past two decades, Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) has worked tirelessly to develop a high-performance product line that offers flexible, modular, and cost-effective solutions to obtain the true performing arts magic these exceptional systems can achieve. While developing a “one size fits all” solution may have been more convenient for us and our dealer network, HRS let the engineering principles and our extensive listening test protocol guide us to the ideal solution for each component type and system location to achieve the best result. We have made this approach extremely adjustable so that as your system and components change, the HRS System can adapt to all your system needs.

The HRS Damping Plate, Nimbus, Vortex and Helix products eliminate component chassis noise as well as noise generated within the component itself. The patented HRS Vortex is designed specifically to obtain maximum performance from audio components designed with a stiffer metal plate and billet-machined chassis construction while the HRS Nimbus is designed for components with sheet metal chassis construction. HRS Damping Plates are designed specifically to reduce the component’s top chassis noise level and are available in different sizes and heights to allow system optimization. The HRS Helix is designed to significantly reduce the negative impact of air and structure-borne vibration on your audio or video component performance.

The HRS Isolation Bases are a primary element for significantly reducing structural borne noise in any audio or video component. Depending on the component and the environment, all HRS Isolation Bases have the ability to be adjusted for broadband isolation, narrowband isolation, constrained layer damping or grounded design. HRS Isolation Bases can be used on any surface, structure, existing furniture, other audio stands or installed directly into any HRS Audio Stand frame system. The HRS Isolation Bases are an excellent match with HRS chassis noise reduction products. While the HRS Isolation Bases work to significantly reduce structure-borne vibration, the HRS Damping Plates, Nimbus, Vortex and Helix products significantly reduce the harmful effects of airborne vibration and structural resonance on your components.

High-performance HRS Audio Stands have an infinitely modular engineering architecture made from precision hardware and internal resonance control systems to optimize performance. Each system is hand-finished by our experienced craftsmen to our exacting standards. These high performance modular audio stand designs will adapt to any desired system configuration you will ever need. If one of the standard sizes does not fit your needs, HRS offers hundreds of custom designs for every component in the world.

Designed by music lovers
for music lovers

HRS products are designed to individually make a significant improvement in the performance of a high-end audio or video system. Used together as a system, HRS products will redefine what you thought was possible. Performance is first at HRS, and even though we are driven each day by our engineering and manufacturing expertise, we are, first and foremost, people who love music.  We use the products we develop to listen to music at home. Every product is designed with the end-user and the future needs of their audio system in mind. HRS can still upgrade the performance of the very first isolation bases we designed in the late 1990s to utilize some of the latest key technologies in our current reference-level isolation bases. Every HRS Isolation Base and Audio Stand can be upgraded, changed, expanded, and reconfigured using much of the HRS products you already own. If you are like us and enjoying the magic of music and movies is a way of life, then you will, at some point, be making changes to your system. When that day comes you will know HRS has your best interest in mind by the design.

Rigorous Product Design and Development Process

HRS is comprised of a team of very skilled engineers and technicians with many decades of experience in design, development, and production of isolation systems, custom materials, and precision mechanical systems. Our engineers hold a number of patents, have presented technical papers, and work on the development of hundreds of products for audio, aerospace and defense products related to mechanical structures, control systems, and shock and vibration isolation systems. HRS uses advanced 3D CAD design software and state of the art FEA analytical tools to design and verify the fit, weight, strength, and performance of each HRS product. At HRS we look at the frequency response and critical performance criteria in a computer long before we manufacture the first prototype product and put it through our very rigorous listen test protocol that is the final authority for every HRS product.

Obsessed with Quality

All Harmonic Resolution Systems products are manufactured in the US by highly skilled craftsmen using superior techniques, exotic finishes, and proprietary materials. HRS is dedicated to producing the finest audio products in the world. We are obsessed with quality and it is part of the HRS DNA. All critical fit items are inspected 100% to verify the assembly fits are up to our exacting standards. This rigorous protocol, combined with precision design, results in a product that is a pleasure to install, use, change, or expand at anytime. HRS even takes random samples of completed production items and inspects every aspect of the product including a complete destructive test that ensures even the quality of the processes that can only be examined by complete destruction of the product. Yes, we even destroy perfectly good product to make sure that each product you purchase is performing as designed.