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Our Company and Philosophy

Harmonic Resolution Systems is comprised of a team of skilled engineers, dedicated craftsmen, and product support staff with many decades of experience in design, development, and production of isolation systems, materials, and precision components. These skills are utilized with passion at HRS to create products with exceptional performance and quality.

Our Chief Engineer, Mr. Michael Latvis, has over thirty-five years of engineering and product development experience with a specialty in isolation systems for major aerospace and defense customers. He has worked for a number of leading companies on the development of isolation products for audio systems, commercial aircraft, military aircraft, and missile defense systems.  Mr Latvis also has a number of patents related to the design audio components and isolation systems.

Our custom materials are developed by skilled chemists who have decades of experience in developing custom elastomer compounds and structural materials with unique properties. These materials are developed based on years of engineering experience, product testing, and audio system listening tests.

Skilled craftsmen using proprietary techniques and precision machinery produce our products. These craftsmen have a detailed understanding of manufacturing precision components and the quality systems required for producing consistent results.They also hand finish and personally inspect every component. The combination of modern technology with old world craftsmanship and values goes into every HRS product.

All Harmonic Resolution Systems products are manufactured in the USA by this team of skilled people who take great pride in their work. We are confident you will enjoy the results of this dedication to performance and quality.


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Advanced FEA design and analysis tools are used to design HRS products and verify stress, displacement, frequency response, and other key features prior to initial production phase of our products.



Precision CNC machines, detailed process plans, rigorous inspection criteria, and skilled craftsman are  all an important part of creating very precise high quality products.



At HRS our customer service before, during, and long after the sales is as important as the quality and performance of our products.



HRS believes that every part of our business is as important as the other.  We are as dedicated to the use of precision tools and process as we are to old world craftsmanship and knowledge.  We are as dedicated to the design and sales support as we are to customer support and post sales service.  Our staff works very hard every day to build you a superior product and to ensure you will also have an excellent long term ownership experience.   We look forward to working with you to build your high performance entertainment system.


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