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HRS Newsletter

1/22/19 Danny Kaey’s (Fidelity Online) Rave Review of the HRS SXR Audio Stand, M3X2 and S3!

Click to heard highlights from Danny’s review and for the clink to the full review on Fidelity Online!–M3X2-and-S3-products-.html?soid=1126117009322&aid=TRNyPmkMBxs

9/6/18 The HRS VXR Audio Stand is Officially a Patented Design Newsletter

Click to read how thrilled we are that the VXR is officially a patented design and why it was designed with our amazing customers in mind!


8/17/18 Formal Production Release Notice: E1 Isolation Base Newsletter

Click to read about the release of HRS’ newest isolation base the E1 Isolation Base!


8/7/18 Custom VXR Amp Stand for the new D’Agostino Relentless Amplifier Newsletter

Click to read about the 600 lb load test HRS conducted while designing this custom VXR Amp Stand!

8/24/17 HRS VORTEX Newsletter

Click to read about why the Vortex was designed and what they can do for your system!

7/27/17  First Custom Color Anodized VXR Newsletter!

Click to check out the very first custom color anodized VXR Audio Stand to ship!

11/23/17 HRS S3 Newsletter

Click to read all about our new S3 Isolation Base!–.html?soid=1126117009322&aid=ccsZUH4Qiu4

11/15/16 The First VXR Has Shipped Newsletter

Click to read about how excited we are that our first VXR Audio Stand has shipped!



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