Helix System

The HRS Helix is designed to significantly reduce the negative impact of air and structure-borne vibration on your audio or video component performance. Adjustability of the Helix Set of 3 Helix on E1 Isolation Base Set of 4 Helix on E1 Isolation Base Set of 5 Helix on E1 Isolation Base Bottom and top of […]

Damping Plate

The HRS Damping Plate is a high performance design that eliminates chassis noise on a very wide range of chassis constructions techniques. Silver DPX-05545, DPX-09545, and DPX-14545 Nimbus Assemblies and DPII Series Damping Plates Black DPII-05545, DPII-09545, and DPII-14545 Black and Silver DPX Damping Plates Black DPX-05545, DPX-09545, and DPX-14545 Previous Next Features Specifications Downloads […]

Nimbus System

The HRS Nimbus System is a highly effective bottom chassis noise reduction system that can be used on any shelf system.   Nimbus Assemblies and Damping Plates Used at Each Location in System Nimbus Assemblies NA-200 (2″ Height), NA-150 (1.5″ Height), NA-100 (1″ Height) Nimbus Assemblies and DPII Series Damping Plates Previous Next Features Specifications […]

Vortex System

The Vortex is constructed specifically to obtain maximum performance from an audio component designed with a stiffer chassis construction. Set of 4 Vortex (V-150 Set) Vortex Adjustable Height (V-150A) Vortex Adjustable Height (V-150A) Vortex (V-150) Fixed Height Vortex Set (V-150 Set) with Black M3X2-1921 Isolation Base Vortex 150 Set Fixed Height Vortex 150 Set (3 […]