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Product Features

The RXR Audio Stand is a high-performance design that eliminates noise, revealing a new level of musical performance. The frame is manufactured from billet machined aircraft aluminum, composite wood, and a new proprietary high-performance polymer damping layer inside the frame. This innovative, cost-effective design concept produces configuration flexibility and true HRS performance at a lower price point than our reference level stand.

The highly acclaimed HRS Isolation Bases load directly into the RXR frame as the shelf system. The RXR frame can also be ordered with the HRS R-Shelf for locations where you want a high-quality shelf, but do not desire the full performance of the HRS Isolation Bases. The R-Shelf is manufactured from a custom-built non-resonant structural material and custom HRS polymer elements that interface with the frame.

  • Numerous configuration options (customize your system)
  • Load range of each isolation base optimized for maximum performance
  • Leveling system with locking feature for stability
  • Structure design for optimum isolation base performance
  • System configuration can be expanded or revised at any time (preserves value)
  • Available in black or clear maple wood finish

RXR Audio Stands are available in single, double, triple wide, etc. configurations.  Please consult your authorized HRS dealer to determine the best configuration for your system needs. All dimensions below are for reference only.

“The RXR Audio Stand is designed based on similar technical concepts as our industry leading VXR and SXR frame system. This frame can be modified at any time and will always look as if it was custom built for your system. The RXR Audio Stand offers true HRS performance, numerous configuration options and excellent value.”

Michael Latvis, Chief Engineer

Product Specifications